"Assimakopoulos has a dramatic sense of pacing...from beginning to end she changes styles freely and remains in control of what she is doing musically."
- American Record Guide, Johnson (CD, Flute Impressions) 2002


Listen to the tracks:

  1. 1.Inspiration, David Baker

  2. 2.Humoresque, Antonin Dvořák

  3. 3.Bossa Merengova, Mike Mower

  4. 4.Amazing Grace, arranged by Nina Assimakopoulos

  5. 5.La Flûte de Pan, Op. 15 - II. Pan et les Oiseaux, Jules Mouquet

  6. 6.Rêverie, Claude Debussy

  7. 7.The Swan, Camille Saint-Saëns

  8. 8.Nocturne, Frederick Chopin

  9. 9.Morceau du Concours, Gabriel Faure

  10. 10.Etude en forme de Habañera, Maurice Ravel

  11. 11.The Flight of the Bumblebee, N. Rimsky-Korsakov

  12. 12.The Carnival of Venice, Giulio Briccialdi

Listen to the tracks:

1. Syrinx, Claude Debussy
2. The Ecstatic Shepherd, Cyril Scott
3. Pan's Lament, Ary van Leeuwen
4. Un Jouer De Flûte Berce Les Ruines, Francis Poulenc
5. Hymn Of Pan, Charles Delaney
6. Chanson De Pan, Roger Bourdin
7. Pan Blessé, Roger Bourdin
8. The Wood Nymph Of Nonacris, Benjamin Boone
9. Syrinx, Too, Mark Hiljeh
10. Flute Flight, Binnette Lipper
11. Pan's Pastoral, Margarita Zelenaia
12. Pan(Ic), Gene Pritsker
13. Three Pan Love Songs, 1. Amphitrite (Nymph Of The Sea), David Golightly
14. Three Pan Love Songs, 2. Euphrosyne (Grace Of Mirth)
15. Three Pan Love Songs, 3. Maia (Daughter Of Atlas)
16. Le Rêve De Pan, Pierre Thilloy
17. Woodland Sounds, Dave Sluberski

Listen to the tracks:

1. East Wind-Shumalit Ran
2. Of All The Sound Dispatched Abroad.... (Poem)
3. Of All, Maggi Payne
4. Sweet Sixteen (Poem)
5. Sweet Sixteen 1. Behind The Wall, Ruth Lomon
6. Sweet Sixteen 2. The Ball
7. Spirit Man (Poem)
8. Spirit Man PART I, Margaret Fairlie-Kennedy
9. Spirit Man PART II
10. Spirit Man PART III
11. Supernova (Poem)
12. Supernova, Terry Winter Owens
13. Indian Flute, Emma Lou Diemer
14. A Wren, Winifred Hyson
15. Antigone Speaks, Sylvia Glickman
16. The Other Side Of The World, Cindy Cox
17. Valentine Trills, Joan Tower
18. What Do You Hear From The Family, Jeanne Shaffer
19. Comment, Beth Anderson
20. Prelude, Mary Ann Joyce Walter
21. Murali, Marilyn Bliss
22. Arca Sacra, Cynthia Folio

Listen to the tracks:

1. Four Glimpses Of Night - I, Binnette Lipper
2. Four Glimpses Of Night - II
3. Four Glimpses Of Night - III
4. Four Glimpses Of Night - IV
5. Now I Pull Silver, Libby Larson


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  1. 1.Fish Are Jumping, Robert Dick

2. Tenderness of Cranes, Shirish Korde

3. Icicle, Robert Aitken

4. Mei, Kazuo Fukushima

5. Revamper, Ann La Berge

6. Reflections, Maggi Payne

7. Kokpelli, Katherine Hoover

8. Spirit Man Part I, Margaret Fairly-Kennedy

9. Spirit Man Part II

10. Spirit Man Part III

11. Honami, Wil Offermans

12. Zoom Tube, Ian Clark