“Her passion for life and music is exceedingly evident in her playing and her teaching…she is warm, energetic, demanding and nurturing with her students. She has  the ability to maintain a high level of expectation with those under her tutelage, while continuing to treat them cordially and with genuine respect.”


                                                                            Gary Stith, Greatbatch School of Music, Houghton College



I am a student-centered teacher with a passion for empowering students to excel, articulate their own best practices, and find and exercise their creative voice. I use my expertise to equip students to reach their highest potential and realize their dreams. I create learning experiences that are inviting, challenging, and meaningful. I motivate my students to become their own teachers, think outside the box, find and effectively articulate their own ‘voice’, and integrate sources outside the field of music into their learning, teaching and performing endeavors.

My teaching experience includes twelve years of home-based private studio teaching, K-12 Arts in Education Residencies, as well as more than fifteen years of Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate level collegiate teaching.

An important component of my work with students is the cultivation of a creative and supportive learning environment and flute studio community that excels academically, musically and interpersonally.

Here I list some of the primary areas of focus in my work with students:


·Mind and body awareness

·Ease, grace, and efficiency of breathing

·Absence of unnecessary tension

·Balance of effort and effortlessness

·Creative intent and direction

·Vocal pedagogy applied to flute playing

·Poise and stage presence


·Use of the body and self as the instrument

·Expression of visual art elements such as value, contrast, texture,

contour, etc. in music
·Tone resonance and color
·Close finger proximity and relaxed touch
·Vowel placement
·Air and breath regulation
·Resonance and projection
·Score analysis and study
·Contemporary music and extended techniques

·Flexibility, creativity, and skill in reaching a variety of  

learning styles

·Effective time management and goal setting skills
·Creative projects and learning activities
·Long term mentoring

·Facilitating a supportive, friendly, and

high achieving studio environment

·Public speaking and creative programming
·Professional portfolio building
·Repertoire building
·Building performing and college teaching careers
·Educational and community outreach
·Time Management
·Setting up private studios/ home run businesses
·Grant writing, competitions, audition preparation
·Arts integration
·New music commissioning


Nina is a mature player with an exceptional talent for teaching. The atmosphere in her studio is striking insofar as the students interact in a totally relaxed and positive manner.

Peter Lloyd, Former Principal Flute London Symphony Orchestra

Nina’s artistry, beautiful tone colors, intelligent interpretations, and brilliant stage presence are captivating. She is a wonderful performer and teacher.

Katherine Kemler, Louisiana State University

Nina Assimakopoulos is one of the most energetic, creative and proactive young artists I know. Her students are enthusiastic in their positive reviews of her teaching, and their playing is superb.

Ben R. King, Associate Dean for Music, Greatbatch School of Music , Houghton College

Nina has given master classes at Interlochen on three separate occasions, and she has consistently exhibited an extremely high level of knowledge, intuition, and efficacy with my students here. A poised, colorful, and dynamic flutist, Nina is an effective communicator who puts great thoughts and effort into engaging her audience, both personally and musically.

Nancy Stagnitta Loudenslager, Interlochen Arts Academy

Nina's energy was infectious throughout her visit. Her dedication and devotion towards bringing out the best in each student was vivid. The students felt inspired by her positive comments in the masterclass and her thoughtful and probing manner for introducing new concepts and ideas specifically towards each individual performer resonated strongly within the flute studio.

Elizabeth Buck, Arizona State University

Nina Assimakopoulos is an excellent flutist. Her CU recital was filled with virtuosity, beautiful sounds, and interesting repertoire. Nina has a motivated, energetic, and creative manner that permeates her choices both as a teacher and performer.


Christina Jennings, University of Colorado, Boulder

“During a lifetime one should hope to be fortunate enough to work with one of those extremely rare, very special teachers who has the remarkable ability of guiding others on a path of knowledge that makes a lasting impact on their lives.. Nina Assimakopoulos is such a teacher. She is a remarkable musician and teacher with the gift of motivating and inspiring students, teachers and peers. She has the insight and ability to reach a wide variety of learning styles and build self confidence, self worth, focus and motivation.”

                                Andrea M. Papoutsy, Artist-in-Residence Coordinator, Rye Schools

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Nina's teaching was creative, intelligent, and nurturing with each of my students. My students have displayed a renewed sense of eagerness and positive energy in their lessons since her visit!

Nicole Riner, University of Wyoming


My students were impressed with Nina's incredible dynamic palette and tonal control. They left her master class feeling re-charged and ready to apply all of the new or different techniques she shared with them. They will remember her visit for a long, long time!

Alison Brown Sincoff, Ohio University


Assimakopoulos' insight and personal expertise were an inspiration to all my students and has already yielded positive results in their playing…her artistry garnered admiration and demonstrated the skills she taught…Her appearance was truly inspirational and I believe will have lasting results in my students’ performances.

Brian Luce, The University of Arizona

With regards to her master class, suffice it to say that it matched the quality of her playing beautifully! Her energy and love for music is infectious, and my students enjoyed every element of her class. Nina's expert tutelage yielded quick results, and her ease and sincerity of communication was a delight to watch.

Jonathan Keeble, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign


The masterclass portion of Nina’s visit was incredibly informative and the students enjoyed her immensely.  Her ability to work with each student and tailor her remarks to each individual’s needs was wonderful to see.

Philip Dikeman, The Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University


Assimakopoulos’ understanding of style gave the students insight on how to authentically express music from various periods. The students talked for days after her masterclass about the impact she had on their playing.

George Boespflug, Conservatory of Music, Biola University